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What are the major advantages of cable Internet access service?  

The major advantages of cable Internet access service are its speed and convenience. Although the rate of data transfer varies depending upon the number of online customers sharing a cable Internet service, users can expect data rates from 50 to 100 times faster than data rates from conventional analog "dialup" modems. And, since a cable Internet connection is permanent and "always on", just like a cable TV connection, this lightning fast Internet service is available any time. Moreover, cable Internet service doesn't tie up a telephone line, there's no tedious Internet "logging on" required, and you're never subject to busy signals or other anomalies of telephone line Internet service.

What do I need to take advantage of cable Internet service?

The first thing you'll need is cable Internet access service. Cable Internet access service is provided by cable television operators through regular cable TV lines. But, even though it is fed through the same cable, the Internet access service is not automatically provided to all cable television service customers. A subscription to cable Internet access may be offered as a separate service without TV service, or as a CATV "add on", like "premium" cable TV channels. By the way, if you subscribe to both, both the Internet service and cable TV service are available simultaneously. In other words, since they are on separate data "channels" you can watch TV and use your computer on the Internet at the same time. Your cable TV provider should be contacted for details on the specific services and service packages available in your area.

Will the cable Internet access service be provided through my "cable box"?

No. To access the Internet through your cable service, you'll also need a special cable modem, which is different than a regular telephone modem. You may rent a cable modem on a monthly basis from your cable company. Most cable companies, however, allow subscribers to use a compatible cable modem bought "off the shelf" from a retail store. Again, check with your cable company.

Why should I buy a cable modem rather than rent one?

Very simply, owning your own cable modem saves money in the long run since you're not subject to cable company equipment rental fees. You can also "take it with you" if you move or switch cable companies.

What kind of cable modem should I buy?

It is important to purchase a cable modem that is DOCSIS compliant and CableLabs® approved. "DOCSIS" stands for Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification and is the common cable modem service standard employed by cable modem vendors and cable system operators. Adherence to this standard assures interoperability and compatibility of cable Internet service equipment across the United States and in many other parts of the world The governing body certifying cable modem vendors' compliance with the DOCSIS standard is called CableLabs (short for Cable Television Laboratories).

We, of course, recommend the Global Village CableModem Kit for Macintosh. The Zoom® brand Ethernet cable modem contained in the Kit is DOCSIS compliant and CableLabs certified. The Global Village CableModem Kit was the very first cable modem product on the market customized specifically for Macintosh computers.

What are the features of the Global Village CableModem Kit for Macintosh?

The Global Village CableModem Kit for Macintosh Model 6011 provides everything needed to bring lightning fast, DOCSIS-compliant cable modem Internet access to Mac users. The Kit contains the CableLabs® certified Zoom Ethernet CableModem, power supply and key Internet software.

In addition to its CableLabs certification, the Zoom Ethernet CableModem is also approved for use on the nation's largest cable networks, including AT&T Broadband, Cox Communications, Comcast Communications and is interoperable with most other cable systems.

The Global Village CableModem Kit works with Mac OS 7.6.1 or later operating systems, including the new Mac OS X. The included cable modem simply plugs into a Mac computer's Ethernet port and is easily configured using the supplied installation software.