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TelePort Bronze 2.0.6a Update

Boca Research, Inc.
(the Global Village name and products are now trademarks of Boca Research,Inc.)

Please read these instructions before downloading this file.

Download the TelePort Bronze 2.0.6a Updater

This software will only work with TelePort Bronze(ADB), FullFax and SendFax modems. This updater will only update GlobalFax software for the ADB modems that currently have version 2.06 or lower. Please click here if you need help determining your current software version.

WARNING: This is an older version of our software released prior to Power Macintosh computers and System Software 7.1.2 and may not function correctly on newer products.

Caution: If you use a OneWorld server on a network, please contact your System Administrator before downloading any fax software from this site. Improvement in GlobalFax version 2.06a

  • System 7.0, 7.0.1, 7.1 compatibility

Note: This download assumes that you have Stuffit Expander or some other de-archiving utility. You will want to specify in your browser that the above de-archiving utility is the "helper app" for de-archiving "'hqx" type files. See your browser's help information for instructions on how to do this.