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Click below for the latest GlobalFax 2.6.5 sofware updates and patches.


This updater is only for GlobalFax 2.6.5 which was purchased as a stand-alone application for the iMac or G3 Macintosh computers with an Apple internal modem.

If you are using a version of GlobalFax faxing software that came with your Global Village TelePort (serial port) modem then:


To find out what version of GlobalFax software you own, do this:

  1. Start the Global Village Fax Center application.
  2. Notice the "O" in GlobalFax in the upper left corner of the window, it has a dot in the middle. It looks like a bullseye.
  3. Hold doen the OPTION key on your keyboard and mouse-click on the "O" then release the mouse and the OPTION key.
  4. The Global Village Fax Center will start "gathering more information..." When complete, you can read what Fax Center you are using.

Only use this updater if the Fax Center is 2.6.5
Do not use this updater if there is any other number

GlobalFax software updater for iMac™ and G3 Internal Modems

Click below to determine the Year 2000 status of this product and, if necessary, to download the update(s) required for Year 2000 Compliance.

Year 2000 Readiness Status

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