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TelePort Platinum Firmware Updater 1.513

Global Village Communication
June 1997

Download the Firmware Updater 1.513

This Read Me file provides information about updating the firmware for your TelePort Platinum fax/modem.

To allow for future updates and enhancements to your product, Global Village designed your TelePort Platinum fax/modem with updateable firmware.

The term 'firmware' refers to the software in the fax/modem's read-only memory (ROM). By updating the firmware, you can quickly and easily improve the operation and functionality of your fax/modem, without changing its hardware components.

The following topics are discussed in this Read Me:

  • Who should use this updater?
  • Updating the TelePort Platinum firmware.
  • How to run this updater.
  • Updating the TelePort Platinum hardware (necessary only if your modem's firmware cannot be updated).

What's New in this Version of the Firmware?
Version 1.513 of the TelePort Platinum firmware updates the modem to the V.34+ ITU standard, enabling connection speeds of up to 33.6 kilobits per second (kbps).

Note: Connection speeds can vary due to telephone line noise and limitations in telephone system capabilities.

Who Should Use This Updater?
You should use this updater only if you have a TelePort Platinum 28.8 kbps fax/modem that you purchased in North America.

You should not use this updater if you have a PowerPort Platinum fax/modem, TelePort Platinum V Telecommunications Card, International TelePort Platinum fax/modem, or other Global Village modem.

The firmware updater will automatically check that you have the correct modem hardware before allowing an update to the 1.513 firmware.

Updating the TelePort Platinum Firmware
Before updating the firmware, be sure to unmount any AppleShare servers that you have mounted on your desktop. If you fail to unmount the servers, the firmware updater will ask you to do so.

Important: Because the updater turns off AppleTalk while updating the modem, anybody who is connected to your computer when you run the updater will be disconnected.

While the fax/modem is being updated, do not turn off the computer or disconnect the computer from the modem. Interrupting the update process can leave your modem unusable. If the update process is interrupted and the modem no longer responds to the firmware updater, communications software, or fax software, contact the Global Village Customer Satisfaction department; a representative will arrange for a replacement fax/modem.

How to run this updater

  1. Copy the updater to your hard disk.
  2. Double-click the firmware updater.
  3. Click the Update Modem button.

    If you are running any AppleTalk services, an alert box appears telling you that another application, such as file sharing, is using AppleTalk. At this point, you can either quit the application or proceed. If you proceed, AppleTalk will be turned off and all services closed down. If the firmware updater stops and reports that you cannot run the updater on your Macintosh computer, restart with Extensions off and run the firmware updater again.

  4. Choose the port to which the TelePort Platinum fax/modem is connected.
    On most Macintosh computers, the choice will be either the Modem Port or the Printer Port. Additional choices will appear if you have a multi-port serial card.

    When you choose a port, the Continue button appears highlighted.

  5. Click the Continue button to begin the update process.
    A progress dialog box appears. The progress indicator begins filling up, pauses for several seconds, and then continues. This is normal.

    When the update process is complete, a dialog box appears indicating that you have successfully updated your TelePort Platinum fax/modem.

Updating the TelePort Platinum Hardware
If you have a TelePort Platinum modem and the firmware updater reports the message, 'No modem update was performed. This modem was not designed to work with 33.6 kbps firmware...', you cannot use the firmware updater to upgrade your modem.

Your modem is still fully functional. However, its hardware is not capable of 33.6 kbps connection speeds and cannot be upgraded through firmware.