For years, Global Village has served the Macintosh users community with first quality, value-added, innovative dialup modem products. We at Zoom Telephonics are continuing all the traditions of the Global Village brand.

The first Global Village product we released was the Teleport V.92 Model 6250—the very first Macintosh dialup modem on the market incorporating the new, enhanced performance V.92 and V.44 modem standards. First qualty. Value added. Innovative.

Now we've introduced our first product in a whole new generation of Global Village products. It's the Global Village CableModem Kit for Macintosh the ONLY cable modem product customized exclusively for Mac. This first quality, value-added and innovative product carries on yet another Global Village tradition: providing the best Macintosh software available for the application. In this case, our new lightning-fast cable modem is packaged with Symantec's ultimate data security programs, Norton Antivirus for Macintosh and Norton Personal Firewall for Macintosh.

Global Village quality, value and INNOVATION for Macintosh users. Some things never change—and shouldn't!

Low-cost Zoom ADSL USB Modem Now Supports Macintosh

"The ZoomAir IG-4165, with AppleTalk support, Mac specific documentation and its two port Ethernet switch comes close to (and sometimes outdoes) the Airport Basestation in features, and it costs $100 less."