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"Modem shoppers will have a hard time finding a product that provides a better combination of performance and value than the 56K Tidalwave from Boca Research."
ConsumerGuide Magazine

"The units vary in size, with...TelePort being the smallest overall...its excellent GlobalFax 2.6.5...GlobalFax has the most convenient Macintosh user interface...Boca's tech support was extremely helpful and gave us the solution we were looking for...Boca offer(s) Mac-specific support resources on (its) Web site...if you're a faxing fiend, go for ...TelePort, with its first-rate fax software." Macworld Magazine, October 1999 "USB 56K Modems" by Mel Beckman

"Global Village's TelePort Internal 56K ...it's one of the simplest, most convenient internal modems yet devised." "Other modems simply dropped the connection, but the error correction capabilities of the Global Village unit made it seem bulletproof." "Telephone tech support is friendly and quick."
MacHome magazine, May 1999 "Modem, Modem, Modem - Keep Those Digits Rollin'", By Frank O'Connor

"Global Village's TelePort 56K V.90 Mac Modem won our Editors' Choice award…the best modem is the one with the best features and software, Global Village (now owned by Boca Research) started life as a Mac-only vendor and knows Mac-user needs intimately, as reflected in the fit and polish of the company's software, packaging, and technical support…Of all the available fax software bundled with these modems, Global Village's GlobalFax is the most user friendly, powerful, and convenient to operate…Global Village excelled at Mac-orientated service…"
Macworld Magazine, May 1999 "Modems' Last Stand," by Mel Beckman

"Global Village TelePort 56 Fax/Modems were by far the most user-friendly and Mac-savvy of all." and "Global Village TelePort 56 Fax/Modem (x2) - This reasonably speedy modem is easy to set up and use, has great software, and was designed with the Mac in mind."
Macworld Magazine, April 1998, "The Modem Showdown," By Rik Myslewski

"Boca Research, Inc. announced the availability (due to popular demand) of GlobalFax for Macintoshes with an internal 56K modem, including the iMac. Folks, this is as good as it gets when you are faxing from a computer. Do yourself a favor and drop that copy of faxSTF into the trash and set aside US$39.99. GlobalFax will be available through leading computer retail stores and catalogs."
NoBeige.com: , October 23, 1998, GlobalFax 2.6.5, GlobalFax to Take Over World

"A week of exhaustive testing with the new GlobalFax 2.6.5 for the PowerBook G3 Series went off without a hitch."
OGradys PowerPage, November 2, 1998, GlobalFax 2.6.5