The Global Village TelePort 56K/V.92 Model 6250 brings enhanced Internet performance to Macintosh users. The Model 6250 conforms to the new V.92 and V.44 modem standards which, when used with an Internet Service Provider equipped for the new technology, yields faster Internet connections, Web browsing, downloads and uploads.

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V.92/V.44 Frequently Asked Questions

The Zoom ADSL X4 is a full-rate ADSL modem and a powerful gateway/router/firewall in a single affordable product.

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This DOCSIS 1.0 (1.1 upgradeable) Cable Modem External has USB and 10/100BaseT Ethernet ports for maximum compatibility. The USB port simplifies end user installation of the cable modem by eliminating the need for a computer network interface card (NIC). The Ethernet interface permits the Model 5041 to be used with Windows (including Windows XP), Macintosh, Linux, and other computers that have an Ethernet port; and also allows the cable modem to be connected to a router or Internet Gateway. Tested and approved for use on AT&T Broadband Network, Cox High Speed Internet, Comcast High Speed Interent, Charter Pipeline, Adelphia Powerlink and Mediacom Online.

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Products manufactured by Global Village/Boca Research prior to Zoom's acquisition of the brand name continue to be the responsibility of Inprimis, Inc., the former owner of the Global Village brand.

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Low-cost Zoom ADSL USB Modem Now Supports Macintosh

"The ZoomAir IG-4165, with AppleTalk support, Mac specific documentation and its two port Ethernet switch comes close to (and sometimes outdoes) the Airport Basestation in features, and it costs $100 less."